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Natasha Blazic

Writer (and cat servant)

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Painting Her Thoughts

To unravel the enigma of a mysterious magnetic field and save the world from a disaster, a lonely scientist must first find her true love.

"Every page held intrigue, and the unpredictable twists had me spellbound... Readers who enjoy stories that offer hypothetical questions and experiments, slow-burn romances, and scientific discoveries will enjoy Painting Her Thoughts."

5-star review by Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite

"Painting Her Thoughts by Natasha Blazic is a captivating novel that combines elements of romance, mystery, and science fiction to deliver a delightful reading experience. With an intriguing plot and well-developed characters, this book will keep readers hooked from start to finish."

5-star review by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

book women in STEM

Unna Turner is stuck in a brain-dead job as a physics assistant. She’s not sure what she dislikes more: her boring overdue PhD thesis, being ridiculed at her university, or the return of Rom Cabrey, a famous artist who also happens to be her ex-flame and mortal enemy.

Nevertheless, when Rom asks her to pose for him on his private island, Unna accepts. She plans to finish her thesis during her stay, which will open doors for a better job. Between this and the much-needed money she’ll get from Rom, she’ll be able to change her gloomy life forever.

But when she arrives on the island, she discovers that a strange magnetic field momentarily emerges whenever she and Rom are together at a particular place on the beach. The field profoundly affects them: Unna is consumed with trying to understand its nature, which does not conform to the laws of physics, and Rom can’t get enough of painting the two of them on the beach. These obsessions bring them closer than ever before.

Meanwhile, as she juggles solving the field’s mystery, completing her thesis, and trying to suppress her feelings for Rom, Unna is unaware that the aliens are planning to invade Earth and that the survival of human civilization is in her hands. Only if she manages to decode the field’s enigma—and embark on a journey through the wormhole that will then appear—does she stand a chance of preventing the Earth’s destruction…and finding her true self along the way.

Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh:
Where Is Home?
(Book 1)

Despite their differences, two rescue cats—mischievous Lilly-Puss and wise telepathic Pharaoh—must work together to find their forever home (with servants, of course), while discovering the true meaning of friendship.

"Another thing I learned from this story is to always think of the possible consequences before playing a prank on someone. This story is ideal for children because it teaches them that all their actions have an equal and opposite reaction. Overall, the story was both educational and entertaining. Outstanding work!"

 5-star review by J. Barbosa for Readers' Favorite

"Young readers will love its lively illustrations and enjoy the characters’ thrilling adventures. The book will be an excellent addition to every child’s library."

5-star review by E. Wairimu for Readers' Favorite

"Reading this story written from the cats’ perspective gives a fun and novel way to approach difficult subjects like separation, fire, danger, and others."

 5-star review by P. Van Heusen for Readers' Favorite

inexpensive gift for cat lovers

Lilly-Puss is a beautiful, fluffy calico cat. But what’s the use of being purrfect when she's a prisoner? She’s determined to run away and be free. Her newly arrived cellmate Pharaoh promises to help her escape, but he has his own agenda. As his telepathic abilities grow, he plans to secure a lavish home with lovely human servants for him and Lilly-Puss.

When two humans arrive at the shelter, Pharaoh sees his chance to befriend them and make them provide for his and Lilly-Puss’s needs. But Lilly-Puss distrusts humans and considers them low-intelligence creatures. She also ignores Pharaoh’s wise advice, which puts Pharaoh in a dangerous situation. Will Lilly-Puss save Pharaoh by choosing him over her own comfort? Will she ever trust humans? And can Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh find true friendship and a real home despite the odds?

Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh:
Where Is Family?
(Book 2)

To help Lilly-Puss accept a loving  rescue dog he brought home, and continue searching for his family, Pharaoh must learn how to send his thoughts to humans and animals.

Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh's friendship flourishes, but their bond gets tested when Pharaoh brings home a loving rescue dog.


Lilly-Puss is terrified of the Dog yet unable to confess that to Pharaoh. She devises a cunning plan for their humans to get rid of the canine intruder. Pharaoh has no idea what Lilly-Puss is plotting as he promised her that he would respect her privacy and never pry into her mind.


Pharaoh focuses on perfecting his telepathic abilities to locate his lost family. But now he has yet another responsibility—saving the Dog from being abandoned again.


Will Pharaoh be able to cope with his responsibilities? And will Lilly-Puss confront her fears and learn to accept the Dog as a new, valued family member?

inexpensive gift for cat lovers

Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh:
Where Is the Truth?
(Book 3)

To reunite with his missing family, Pharaoh must count on the help of his animal and human allies and use all of his telepathic abilities to defeat a powerful businessman who takes advantage of animals.

Pharaoh reunites with his missing sister, Velvet, and now he’s also on a mission to locate their mother.

Using his telepathic powers, Pharaoh discovers that a skincare company uses animals to test their products for humans. His mother happens to be one of those imprisoned creatures in a tall tower.

To free Mommy and all the other animals, Pharaoh enlists the help of his human friends, Dog, Velvet, and Lilly-Puss. Everyone must work together to succeed because freeing these furry captives won’t be easy. The tower is heavily guarded, and Lilly-Puss faces a significant obstacle when trying to liberate the caged animals.

Will Pharaoh manage to organize others to help Lilly-Puss? Will Lilly-Puss overcome the hindrances, including her own fears?

inexpensive gift for cat lovers
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